Enlightening Treasures


2021-04-25 Ron Bracale.png

There is Ancient Trauma and Pain
which is passed from generation to generation,
which must be Recognized, Healed, and
Released Forever!!!

Break the shackles inherited,
Transcend self-judgement, and
Be Free to live with Authenticity...


2021-04-04 Ron Bracale.png

Find Completion
  in the Journey...
Do not Imagine
   in the Destination:
   it will be a new


2021-01-23 Ron Bracale.png

Humanity is Confused
by the Prioritization of
the Concept of Self and Other
over the Truth of Love:
Interconnected Relationship.


2020-12-31 Ron Bracale.png

Yarrow Stick Wisdom

Following the Way
Through the Changes:
Three Gates Open
for every
Gate that Closes


2020-12-13 Ron Bracale.png

The Earth will be Healed!

The Human Species must now make a choice
To continue our suicidal rampage and perish
or to consciously transform ourselves.

Together in a cooperative loving creating way of Life
we can heal the sacred biosphere and create a New World.


2020-10-25 Ron Bracale.png

Sit with Self
with Compassion;
See Self Clearly
as Self IS:
Accept Uniqueness,
Know Potential,
and Grow into Self...

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